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Classroom Management Toolkit: Dealing with Students

Strategies, tips, and tools to help minimize disruptions and keep students organized and on task.


Minimizing disruptions and keeping your students organized and on task are essential to staying on track and meeting learning objectives, but doing so can be challenging and often frustrating. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss strategies, tips, procedures, and tools to help you meet these challenges and ease your frustrations. Discover ways to avoid time wasters, procedures for maintaining focus, and suggestions for keeping everyone organized. Learn about digital tools you can use to engage students, track and communicate behaviors, and run an efficient classroom. In addition, you will hear about non-violent crisis intervention strategies to prevent a studentís behavior from escalating, as well as how to recognize and respond to disruptive and potentially destructive instances of bullying and cyberbullying.


Subject: SimpleK12 Legacy Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management


  • Classroom Management Toolkit: Dealing with Students
How to Avoid the Top Five Time Wasters in Your Classroom
Do you ever feel like you never get as much done in your class as you had planned to do?more...
Classroom Management: Quick and Simple Fixes
Do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to keep your students focused?more...
Manage Your Classroom and Your Students with 21st Century Web Tools
Technology can be an awesome tool to enhance instruction in today's classroom, but have you considered how you might use it as a classroom management tool?more...
Nonviolent Intervention: Preventing a Student's Behavior from Escalating
Have you ever wanted to try and intervene before the meltdown of a student escalated into more destructive behaviors, such as hitting or chair throwing?more...
Improved Engagement and Better Behavior: Just a Few Clicks Away!
You know that certain students typically demonstrate exemplary behavior, while others frequently act out and misbehave, but how can you easily quantify and record this?more...
Are Your Students Organizationally Challenged? The Web Can Help!
Do many of your students struggle to keep their notebooks and backpacks organized?more...
Cyberbullying: Recognizing, Preventing, and Responding to It
While adults often understand the hurt that is typically caused by physical bullying, many of them either underestimate or do not realize the far-reaching and potentially devastating impact that cyberbullying can have on a victim.more...
The Language of Peer Aggression: Recognizing Bullying
Students encounter bullying and aggression in schools on an almost daily basis whether as the aggressor, target, or a bystander.more...
The Language of Peer Aggression: Encouraging Bystanders to take Action
On average, only 15% of students intervene when they see bullying, although research shows that bystanders are successful over 80% of the time and often within the first 10 seconds of intervention.more...
Little Girls Can Be Mean: Strategies for Addressing Bullying by Young Girls
While the physical altercations and bullying by boys is sometimes more visible, mean behavior on the part of girls and their emotional bullying can be just as damaging.more...
Girls Getting Meaner: Strategies for Dealing with Middle and High School Bullying
Adolescence is a time when girls are known for cliques, relational aggression, and social exclusion.more...

Reviews (87)

Really useful ideas.
Full Member
Good information
Basic Member
There are a lot of great ideas presented. Thanks!!
Full Member
Great ideas shared
Full Member
Interesting insights to girls power struggles. Love the idea of using the kindness jar.
Full Member
Always goo d to refresh and renew with ideas for coping with these issues. Thank you
Full Member
This was a good preparation or reminder before school starts. I like the reward vs. punishment ideology.
Full Member
Great information! It will take me some time to unpack all of these ideas!
Full Member
I wish these types of sessions could be labeled for the age or grade of students. Since I am high school, I would probably have skipped this session if I had known.
Full Member
I agree wholeheartedly with his ideas; I teach high school, so my reward system would be different, but his key points are spot on.
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