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Mobile Learning Toolkit

Strategies, activities, and apps for using mobile devices in your classroom.

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It seems like mobile devices are everywhere you look, and when paired with great lessons and educational apps, they offer countless possibilities in the classroom. This toolkit contains webinars that will show you how to use mobile devices to engage your students, manage your classroom, collect data, and save time. Discover a variety of mobile apps, activities, and projects that you can use to enhance your lessons. Whether you have access to one mobile device or several, you will learn how to leverage the power of mobile devices to increase student involvement, creativity, and organization. You will also find out how to give a low-tech classroom a mobile makeover, and how you and your classroom can be more productive with time-saving, organizational apps.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments


  • Mobile Learning Toolkit
20 Free Mobile Apps for Teachers
There are thousands of free Mobile Apps out there, but finding the perfect ones for you can be tough.more...
You're in Good Hands! Using Mobile Devices and Apps in Education
Students are now carrying mobile computers in their pockets every day.more...
Give Your Low-Tech Classroom a Mobile Makeover!
Are you frustrated by the lack of technology in your classroom?more...
Amazing Organizational and Timesaving Apps for the Connected Teacher
Learning online can be an incredible journey, but at some point you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources.more...
Stories on the Go: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Students enjoy listening to stories and creating their own stories.more...
Project Based Learning with Mobile Devices
Educators have long realized the impact of hands-on learning for engaging and motivating learners.more...
10 Activities You Can Do With QR Codes
You've seen them - those funny, square QR codes that surround us daily - but have you ever considered using them in the classroom?more...
Free iPad Apps for Classroom Management
Whether you're a teacher with one iPad or are working in a 1:1 classroom, there are plenty of free apps you can use to keep your students in check.more...
Google Anywhere: An Overview of Google's Mobile Apps
While Google and Apple may be staunch competitors in the mobile market, that doesn't mean there aren't great Google apps available for both the iOS and Android platforms.more...
Google Forms and Tablets: Collecting Data on the Fly
With the proliferation of tablets and mobile devices, it has become easier to collect and store data almost anywhere.more...
Researching Effectively through Mobile Devices: Curation and Aggregation
Many schools are beginning to see the potential and effectiveness of using mobile devices to improve literacy, because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...
Researching Effectively with Mobile Devices: Note Taking and Bookmarking
Mobile devices are effective for improving literacy for students because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...

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