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Special Education Toolkit

Helpful tools, resources, and strategies for working with a variety of special needs students.

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Working with special needs students can be extremely rewarding, but also very challenging. This toolkit contains webinars that explore tools, resources, strategies, and tips that are helpful when working with special education students. Discover interactive math and science resources, as well as ways to increase your effectiveness with special needs readers. In addition, you will hear clues and tips that will help you determine if you are seeing signs of dyslexia. Find out how to differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of all learners, and learn how to address learning differences in an online environment. If you are working with children with autism spectrum disorders, learn evidence-based practices for improving their education. Explore how to create Positive Behavior Plans, and discover behavior strategies that are particularly useful with younger special needs students. Explore all of this and more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Special Education


  • Special Education Toolkit
Interactive Math and Science Resources for Special Education
Finding a well-rounded assortment of Math and Science resources to meet the needs of diverse learners is not always easy.more...
Are You Seeing Signs of Dyslexia?
Do you ever wonder if some of your struggling students might have dyslexia?more...
Autism: Evidence-Based Practices in Action
Please join us as we focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.more...
Differentiated Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners
Do you often struggle to meet the needs of each student in your classroom?more...
Assistive Technologies for Students Diagnosed with Communication Disorders
There are many different types of assistive technologies and augmentative and alternative communication devices available for students who have been diagnosed with communication disorders.more...
Access Skills Required for Special Needs Students to Meet Common Core
While it may be challenging for many special needs students to meet Common Core standards, there are skills identified as connectors to the Common Core standards that can help remove barriers to learning and promote independence.more...
What are Positive Behavior Plans and How Do You Create One?
Has a student ever come into your class with an established Positive Behavior Plan in place?more...
Addressing Learning Differences and Disabilities in an Online Environment
This webinar gives you tools and training for teaching students with disabilities in any environment.more...
Increase Your Effectiveness with Struggling Elementary and Special Needs Readers
Catching falling readers and writers is huge challenge that requires skill, understanding, and hard work.more...
30 Behavior Strategies for the K-5 Special Ed Classroom
Are your behavior strategies not working, or are you tired of using the same reinforcement tactics over and over?more...

Reviews (19)

Full Member
Good series of webinars...very helpful information.
Basic Member
Very informative webinars but the differentiation segments were most helpful.
Full Member
This series is a balanced coverage of the needs for any new special ed teacher as well of giving many ideas for gen ed teachers who have students in their classroom.
Full Member
I look forward to using some of the websites provided by Melissa in her presentation.
Full Member
Great ideas!
Full Member
Great refresher on writing goals.
Full Member
These courses were a great refresher! Thank you!
I think that they were very good and sometimes is very helpful to refresh things that you think you know but you forgot or you do not implement.
Full Member
Excellent webinar !!!
Full Member
It is always good to brush up on this content!
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