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Sample Course for Lumberton ISD


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  • Sample Course for Lumberton ISD
SimpleAssessment (Teacher Edition) (NETS-T 2008) For Windows/Office 2007
This contains SimpleAssessment tests that will test teacher technology proficiency.more... These 60-question pre- and post-assessments test teacher technology literacy as defined by the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) 2007, as established by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). These versions of the test are designed for Windows users familiar with Office 2007. 
Protecting Children from Online Social Dangers
This subject area covers many of the steps that you can take to keep children and teens safe while online.more... It explains what situations to discuss with them while using online features such as chat rooms, message boards, social networking sites, blogs, and journals. It also looks at how not to unknowingly reveal an identity, as well as how to report any unsafe or uncomfortable situations. The subject area also addresses the potential issues that can arise through the sharing of videos and messages using cell phones. 
COURSE - Combining Interactive Whiteboards with other Technology
This course illustrates opportunities for using other technologies in tandem with interactive whiteboards.more... Those include digital photos and videos, learning games created for interactive whiteboards, and peripherals such as keyboards. 
VIEW - Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge And Skills (TEKS) - (Featuring Office 2007) Prescriptive Training
This View contains the testing and prescribes training that addresses the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge And Skills (TEKS) for Teachers.more... 
What's Required for a Flipped Classroom: An Admin Point of View
Have you thought about trying a Flipped Classroom model at your school, but aren't sure what it would entail?more...
Flipping your Elementary Classroom with Only One iPad
Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra set of hands in the classroom to work with students while you worked with a small group?more...
Google Search: 10 Tips to Help Your Students Search Smarter!
Students today have access to unlimited information via the Internet, but do they know how to find information?more...
20 MORE Free iPad Apps Educators Canít Live Without!
There are thousands of free iPad Apps out there, but finding the perfect ones for you can be tough.more...
10 Google Tricks For Your Classroom
With this eBook, you will discover new and exciting ways to use Google Search.more...

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