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This course contains all of the SimpleK12 award winning webinars on this subject area. Inside these webinars, you'll find substantial content and real-life examples to inspire your students and enhance your classroom. Many of the world's top teachers, administrators and education experts choose the Teacher Learning Community to build their 21st century skills and learn best practices... it's great to have you with us!

What others are saying about SimpleK12 webinars...

''They always go straight to the point with practical ideas that one can implement.'' - Rebecca Kranz, Principal

''It's great to be able to attend a training webinar without having to pack a lunch, fight traffic on the way to the facility, sit in a cold room and then later struggle with tech support to get my certificate. SimpleK12 webinars truly afford a unique opportunity to roll out of bed, pick up your iPad and attend a webinar and when you're done I know right where to get my certificate.'' Jim Jewell, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

''These webinars are much more informative and practical for my schedule. Tons of assistance for today's educator. Nice to have these resources in my ''workshop'' of educational tools.'' Scott Fairfield, Teacher

''I love the on-demand webinars, especially the web tool ones, because I get so excited about the tools that I love to go back and watch them again. Nothing is better than sitting with my laptop, a big mug of hot greentea while wearing my comfy clothes and my bunny slippers and viewing a webinar.'' Bobbi Capwell, Technology Integration Specialist

''It is wonderful being able to watch and learn on your own schedule.'' - Cindy Griffith, Teacher


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  • Wikis
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Free Web Tools for Administrator Communication and Collaboration
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Wikis Are More than Wikipedia!
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