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*The 21st Century Classroom


This folder comprises SimpleK12's most popular webinars, tutorials, workbooks as well as member-shared resources to help teachers engage students using a wide range of 21st century tools!


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  • *The 21st Century Classroom
New Tools for Teachers
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Training Resources
21st Century Teaching
Blended Learning: Flip your Classroom
Virtual Learning Resources
Project-based Learning
Technology Integration Tools for Teachers
1:1 Initiatives with Mobile Learning
iPads & Mobile Devices
This bundle contains SimpleK12's most popular webinars, toolkits and shared resources related to using iPads in the classroom.more... 
Chromebook Resources
Social Networking in Education
Lesson Planning
Examples of Simplek12's Webinars on Lesson Plans plus actual Lesson Plans shared by Community Members.more... 
Coding Resources
QR Codes
This bundle comprises webinars and resources to show how QR Codes can be used in the classroom to engage learners and share information.more... 
Digital Imaging & Art Resources
Digital Storytelling Resources
Digital Publishing
Using Film and Multi-media in the Classroom
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Start integrating your Interactive Whiteboards into your classroom curriculum.more... Donít let your board sit in the corner and collect dust - find out just how you can use this tool to engage students. Learn new integration strategies, real-life classroom examples, and cool free tools you never knew existed. 
Google Resources
This section comprises Simplek12's web-based training Webinars and toolkits related to Google.more... 
Create Class Websites
Critical Thinking Skills
Get Students College & Career Ready
Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
SimpleK12 eBooks

Reviews (21)

Full Member
I really like this program. It is extremely informative and beneficial for new tachers as well as teachers who have been out of college for years.
Basic Member
Very informative!
Basic Member
Plan on presenting a couple of these Webinars at your next PD meeting.
Basic Member
Great resources and instructions. Be sure to check out the links before planning lessons. Some may be expired, moved, or no longer available.
Basic Member
Very Informative!
Basic Member
Great information!
Basic Member
Lots of great tools! I will definitely use several of these. Thanks for sharing; awesome presentation!
Basic Member
A lot of this material is outdate and no longer relevant.
Basic Member
Great Webinar, many resources!!!
Basic Member
tons of great ideas in directions I had not considered before
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