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Sample Lessons


Experience what a SimpleK12 online course is like – try a sample lesson! Each SimpleK12 self-paced lesson is approximately 10 minutes long, and an average course contains 10-30 lessons on any particular topic. This sampling gives you the opportunity to try ONE lesson from a variety of different course topics.


Subject: SimpleK12


  • Sample Lessons
Consider Podcasts in Lesson Planning
Explains some ways that teachers can include podcasts in lesson plans and class assignments.more...
Discusses the teacher’s role in student podcasting, including monitoring content, acceptable use, and safety.
Explores creating podcasts for use in classroom learning. 
Create Tables From Text
Defines separator characters.more...
Teaches how to convert text into tables.
Engage Parents with Wikis
Describes some of the ways that wikis can be used to engage parents.more...
Explains some factors to consider when using a wiki to engage parents. 
Keep Kids Safe from Cyberbullies and Harassment
Discusses harassment and threats transmitted on the Internet using chat rooms, e-mail, social networking sites and other forms of communication.more...
Provides information on the different types of cyberbullying and how it differs from "traditional" bullying.
Discusses laws regarding cyberbullying.
Provides information on the appropriate response to and reporting of cyberbullying. 
Look at the PowerPoint 2010 Working Screen
Identifies the major components of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint window.more...
Discusses the Ribbon, the title bar, and the status bar.
Lists the views available in PowerPoint presentations. 
Protect Children from Online Predators
Discusses how online predators use the Internet to obtain information about young people.more...
Provides information on techniques used by online predators to build relationships with young people.
Discusses ways that parents and educators can help young people protect themselves from online predators.
Provides information on reporting inappropriate contact or conduct from a stranger. 
Use Blogs in Collaborative Assignments
Offers some examples of how blogs can be used in collaborative assignments.more...
Explains how to plan lessons with group projects, incorporating blogs into a variety of subjects. 

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Interesting short lessons:)
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Very informative and easy to follow. I like how each subject was in its own module.
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Thanks for the info; it was a great review!
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I was happy to run into this. I was thinking about podcast us.
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nice tips~!
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I think this could be wonderful for ALL age levels!
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I hope to be able to use podcast this year!
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I will definitely incorporate podcasts in my class. Thank you
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Some great ideas hereeasy way to learn more about a variety of topics!
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Its a useful tool
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