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Safety Resources


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  • Safety Resources
CIPA/COPA Training
Social Networking & Internet Safety Resources
This bundle contains SimpleK12's most popular webinars and toolkits related to social networking and social media and internet safetymore... 
Student Safety
This bundle provides resources to help handle threats to students' safetymore... 
Recognition, Reporting & Preventing Bullying & Behavioral Issues
This bundle contains resources on anti-bullying.more... 
Responding to Abuse
Classroom Management Resources
This section contains SimpleK12's most popular web based training, webinars, toolkits and resources related to Classroom Management.more... 
Health & Safety Courses
Contains training and testing for Health & Safety, which are designed to help educators deal with day-to-day challenges.more... 

Reviews (8)

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Full Member
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Its great that there is a section offered about safety topics!
Full Member
Basic Member
Great information to educate teens on social media, online predators, and risks to posting pictures on the internet. Very helpful!
Basic Member
Very informative and helpful
Basic Member
This gives great advice on how to look out for students when they are online. It give conversations starters so I can communicate with students about internet safety.
Basic Member
These video sessions were very informative
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