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Digital Storytelling Toolkit

Engage students with inspiring digital storytelling.

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You can quickly and easily turn any "traditional" project into A Digital Story project that engages students in critical thinking and reflective learning, and we can show you how...

Excite your students with an instructional approach that uses today's technologies to make classroom material relevant and engaging - Digital Storytelling!

Is this concept new to you? We can help!

SimpleK12's team of experienced educators has seen firsthand the benefits of transforming their students' learning environments with Digital Storytelling. They have created the content in this "Digital Storytelling Toolkit" to share all of their secrets and experiences with you.

Join these education leaders as they walk you through their projects, theories, and practical, real-life examples, step-by-step.

Did you know...Digital Storytelling can help you meet the Common Core Standards by allowing students to create, communicate, and collaborate in ways never before possible.

This Digital Storytelling Toolkit is jam-packed with training and resources that will help you:

  • Meet the Common Core Standards
  • Ensure students have a deep understanding of content
  • Assess studentsí ability to apply knowledge
  • Ensure critical thinking and problem solving skills

With SimpleK12's Digital Storytelling Toolkit, you receive 10 On Demand Webinars that provide 7 hours of online professional development, and 8 Printable Resources all focused on making you a master of Digital Storytelling.


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  • Digital Storytelling Toolkit
3 Webtools to Improve Digital Literacy and Tell a Story
Discover the power of using webtools to tell a story, and learn exactly how to use it to your advantage.more...
4 C's Meet Common Core in an Online Collaborative Tool
How would you like to have an online tool that helps your students develop the 4 C's (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation) and helps you meet Common Core Standards?more...
Create Digital Personas with Talking Avatars
Discover how to use Voki to create a personalized talking avatar that can be published on a blog or website or sent via email.more...
Create Your Own Adventure Story in YouTube
Have you ever considered using a video camera for class or student projects?more...
Digital Storytelling with the iPad
We have all experienced the magic of reading or hearing a compelling story.more...
Digital Writing: Collaborate, Reflect, and Publish
In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill for success beyond the classroom.more...
Foster Creativity and Innovation with Digital Storytelling
Most educators recognize the importance of helping students develop their creative and innovative abilities.more...
Give Students a Voice with Talking Pictures
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a talking picture be worth?more...
Inspired by Media: Creative Writing for the Digital Age
Would you like to spice up writing assignments for your students and get them energized about writing?more...
Supplemental Resources - Digital Storytelling
Contains supplemental resources for the Digital Storytelling Toolkit.more... 
BONUS Materials: Digital Storytelling
Free bonus material!more... Get these extra free goodies with your Digital Storytelling Toolkit. 

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