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iPads for Teachers Toolkit - Vol. 2, 2012-2013 Retired

Get the most out of your iPad quickly, easily and while having fun!


This iPad Toolkit Vol. 2 contains a great mix of our most popular iPad webinars.

We realize it's difficult to wade through all of the different iPad apps looking for the best ones for your classroom.

We know you have a limited amount of time each day and just need to get the right stuff now.

Well, here's your solution...

Just like the previous iPad Toolkit, Vol. 2 over-delivers with great, fun and information-packed webinars.

They will help you get the most out of your iPad quickly and easily while having fun!

There's something in here elementary, middle school and high school educators.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

- Having trouble finding the right apps for your classroom? In this webinar, we will share tips and strategies for helping you design and develop standards-based lessons by looking at your objectives first.

- Would you like to attend classes from universities such as Harvard and MIT - for free? Join Tia Simmons as she takes you on a tour of this incredible resource and shares tips for finding just what you need.

- Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of iPad resources? This webinar reveals how to use apps on your mobile device to help you save time and get organized.

- Only have 1 iPad for the Class? Watch this webinar to learn the secrets for using a single iPad productively!

- And of course, there's even more great information inside!

Just a few of the wonderful attendee reviews...
"Always love Jayme's webinars! This was loaded with lots of useful info i can't wait to try!"
- Caryn T.

"Great Webinar! Thank you for the information for the younger grades."
- Cindi Griffith

"This was a very well presented webinar. I really enjoyed the way she demonstrated what it looked like on the iPad as she led us through the steps. Good information on iTunes to help beginners understand how it's organized."
- S. Dales

"Loved all the cool apps Shelly shared in this live webinar! Can't wait to check them out! I loved that she had a lot of screen shots to show examples!"
- Andrea C.

"Wonderful resources for the Middle/High School teachers to push student learning and collaboration. You have added to my toolbox of apps to share. Thanks!"
- Reba Gordon Matthews

"This was a great way to see how to integrate the iPad into lessons. I have so many teachers that ask me "What do you do with an iPad in class?" and this was a great example of that."
- A. Norling


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments


  • iPads for Teachers Toolkit - Vol. 2, 2012-2013 Retired
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Good content.
Full Member
Easy to find what you need, thanks sk12!
I really appreciate Simplek12 putting together the webinar toolkits. It makes what I need much easier to find and access.
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