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Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit 2013

Get the most out of your IWB and watch students thrive.


Lessons, webinars and workbooks that provide exactly what you need right now so you can get the most out of your Interactive Whiteboard...

The Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit comes complete with 3 Courses containing 18 Lessons for 3 hours of online professional development that will have you up-to-speed quickly and easily.

You also receive access to our "Integrating Interactive Whiteboard with Free Webtools" webinar. This is the same webinar we had over 2177 registrations for but ONLY 1000 seats! To say it was popular would be an understatement.

Plus there are 3 Interactive Whiteboard Workbooks. Each workbook accompanies each course and contains a summary of the course and many real-life examples and exercises for you to try out in your classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Categories: Interactive Whiteboards


  • Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit 2013
Interactive Whiteboards
This contains courses and lessons dealing with integrating interactive whiteboards in the classroom.more... 
Integrating Interactive Whiteboards PLUS What's New in the EdTech UNconference
This is your chance to join the SimpleK12 Team as we share some of our favorite Interactive Whiteboard integration ideas PLUS highlights of what to expect from the EdTech UNconference in the next few months.more...
Boosting Academic Achievement with Interactive Whiteboards and Clickers
Our last webinar on Interactive Whiteboards was so popular we've decided to host another!more...
Interactive Sites for Your Interactive Whiteboard
Do you feel as though your Interactive Whiteboard is underutilized?more...
Keynote Kickoff: More Interactive Sites for Your Interactive Whiteboard
We'll begin the presentation with a brief orientation of what to expect during this Day of Learning.more...
BONUS Materials - Interactive Whiteboard Toolkit

Reviews (16)

Basic Member
This was very helpful and insightful.
Full Member
A good start, but a bit outdated.
Basic Member
Very informative and uncomplicated making clear, simple, and useful suggestions the classroom.
Full Member
The information and ideas were great! However, could you edit out the first part since the upgrades have already occurred?
Full Member
The time and energy spent placing the information together is well worth it. This course took the doubts and fears out of interactive whiteboards. It showed how much further my powerpoint persentations can impact my students.
Full Member
I will prefer someone willl be talking. It is very difficult to read the letters are too small. Some slides someone is talking and makes it very simple. I hope this could change on the courses. Thanks, Still nice information that I will share with the new teachers.
Basic Member
it's better that one can imagine
Full Member
Several of the earlier sections had some links that were broken. Overall it was a good introduction.
Full Member
I agree with some of the other comments, the earlier sections introducing the use of interactive whiteboards were a bit basic but I liked the Science section, there were some good ideas. Some real IWB notebooks would help to illustrate the points.
Full Member
Good overview presentation!
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