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Google Toolkit 2010-2011

Unleash the power of Google Tools in your classroom.


Unleash the power of Google Tools and watch your classroom thrive...

Overstuffed with lessons, webinars and workbooks that provide exactly what you need right now so you can get the most out of Google Tools!

The Google Toolkit comes complete with 10 Courses containing 39 Lessons for 6.5 hours of online professional development that will have you up to speed quickly and easily.

You also receive access to our "Google Tips & Tools For Your Classroom" webinar. This is the same webinar we had 2341 registrations for but ONLY 1000 seats! To say it was popular would be an understatement.

Plus there are 3 Online Searching Workbooks. These workbooks introduce, integrate and explore online searching. Each one contains many real-life examples and exercises for you to try out in your classroom.


Subject: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools


  • Google Toolkit 2010-2011
VIEW - Google Tools - OUTDATED
This contains the training and testing for a variety of Google docs and tools.more... 
Google Tips & Tools for Your Classroom
From new products to new features, it's hard to keep up with everything going on at Google.more...
Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Drive
Are you looking for a free word processing program?more...
Access Your Files from Anywhere Using Google Drive
How would you like to access your work from wherever you are - home, school, or anywhere online?more...
Google Tools for Visual and Spatial Learners**
We all know visual and spatial learners absorb information best by seeing - but did you know they make up over half of the population?more...
Get Back to School with Google
Are you ready for the next school year?more...
The Google+ Guide for Educators
Perhaps you've heard of the brand new social networking site that everyone has been raving about -- Google+.more...
Google Toolkit - Additional Resources
This page includes additional resources from SimpleK12's Google Toolkit.more...
BONUS Materials - Google Toolkit
Ultimate Toolkit - Additional Resources and Workbooks
These workbooks and additional resources are included as part of SimpleK12's Google, Interactive Whiteboard, and Ultimate Toolkits.more...

Reviews (24)

Basic Member
Google really does have some great tools.
Full Member
Excellent information in this toolkit!
Full Member
Great information! Will be using google drive in class in September.
Full Member
Just getting started with google platform tools, this was a good webinar concernong google docs
Basic Member
Good introduction to a tech tool. I will be revisiting this learning program. There was a lot of information provided.
Full Member
Frustrating because courses and the test would suddenly close out and I would have to restart them.
Basic Member
Good, useful information!
Basic Member
Wonderful tips that I have always wanted to know how to perform on the computer.
Full Member
Thanks for the feedback on the Google Toolkit!

Just added a couple updated webinar titles about Google Drive to the toolkit for you. "Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Docs" (has been updated with included Google Drive information) and "Access Your Files from Anywhere Using Google Drive".
Basic Member
Good information but needs to be updated with the Google drive information.
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