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Getting Started with Google Slides

Step-by-step instruction for getting started with Google Slides.

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In this Google Basic collection of webinars, you’ll become a pro using Google Slides! Whether you’re brand new to Google Slides, or you’ve been using it for a while… this series will leave you feeling more confident than ever. Once you complete this series, we recommend heading over to the Google Intermediate Catalog Category and checking out the follow up course that’s called “Integrating Google Slides into the Classroom.”


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Basics


  • Getting Started with Google Slides
An Intro to Google Slides
In this step-by-step webinar, you'll learn everything you need to get started using Google Slides – a free presentation program from Google.more...
Creating a Google Slides Presentation Step-by-Step
Now that you know the basics of Google Slides, let's start creating!more...
Google Slides: Beyond the Basics
Are you ready to take your Google Slides presentations to the next level?more...
Using and Creating Templates and Digital Worksheets in Google Slides
In this step-by-step webinar, you'll explore how to create a template slide to start your students off on a project with expert teacher trainer, Kimberly Munoz.more...
Google Slides: Creating, Formatting, and Designing Slides Step-by-Step
Google Slides is a powerful free app that you and your students can use to create content, demonstrate knowledge, collaborate, and more with slides and presentations.more...
Google Slides: An Intro to Creating, Applying Themes, Inserting Graphics, and More
Presentations can be a great way for teachers to share concepts and content and an effective way for students to demonstrate knowledge and collaborate with each other.more...
Amazing Ways to Integrate Google Slides in Your Classroom
Session Description: While Google Slides is primarily known for being an alternative to PowerPoint, it is also a robust, interactive, and flexible teaching tool that can bring content to life in all subject areas.more...
Q&A with Deb Norton: Google Slides
Here's your chance to get all of your Google Slides questions answered by a SimpleK12 expert Presenter!more...

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Good information!
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Useful information
Basic Member
I found new uses to tools and ways to fill as well as the boarders features. I wasn't aware I could use the shapes in the way Kim explained. Very helpful.
A good refresher to Google Slides.
I learned some new information that will be beneficial to me as I transition to blended learning in a few weeks.
I enjoyed this refresher on this introduction to Google Slides. very good information
This was a great introduction to Goggle Slides. I learned several tricks and information to how to use and create a presentation with goggle slides. I am excited to try everything I have learned.
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