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Digital Portfolios for Student Work

These webinars will help you learn how to create, use, and manage digital portfolios for students.

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If you're teaching in a virtual environment, digital portfolios are a great way to organize student work. It allows you to celebrate your students' work, improve communication, facilitate better feedback, and demonstrate progress over time. These webinars will help you get started with digital portfolios.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Virtual Learning


  • Digital Portfolios for Student Work
Collect Assignments, Create ePortfolios, and Connect with Parents using One Easy Tool
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Create Student ePortfolios with Google Sites
Today's students typically create a variety of digital papers, projects, and other products of learning.more...
Creating Digital Portfolios in All Grades
Over the course of the school year our students create some fantastic digital products.more...
Creating Student Portfolios in Early Elementary - It's Easier than You Think!
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Use Blog Posts to Create Student Portfolios that Document Learning and Show Growth
What do you do with all of the work your students produce in class?more...
Using Digital Portfolios to Document Growth, Demonstrate Knowledge, and More!
Digital portfolios are a great way for learners of all ages to document and demonstrate knowledge and growth.more...
Using Google Sites for Student Portfolios and Authentic Assessments
Would you like a great way for your students to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity, and skills?more...

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Great presentation!
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Every time that I watch it I learn something differen. Thank You!
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Great information.
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I think this is a wonderful way to get information that is easy to follow
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