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Presentation Tools

Various presentation tool options for students, along with sample project ideas.

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Learning to communicate and present the information they have researched and compiled is a crucial skill for many students. In addition to including steps for creating a standard slide show presentation, these lessons include tools and suggestions for non-standard types of presentations as well. Discover some presentation options and project ideas that help give some choice to all grade levels.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Tools for Student Projects


  • Presentation Tools
5 Free Tools for Creating Powerful, Engaging Student Projects
We've all been there - sitting through 30 slide presentations that all look alike and present the same information in the same way.more...
Google Slides: Creating, Formatting, and Designing Slides Step-by-Step
Google Slides is a powerful free app that you and your students can use to create content, demonstrate knowledge, collaborate, and more with slides and presentations.more...
Create Awesome Presentations on Your iPad!
For many educators electronic presentations are often a necessity and staple within the classroom.more...
Inspire Creativity and Presentation Skills with a New Kind of Puppet Show
Remember the good old days when all you needed was an old sock to create an easy (and cheap) puppet for your very own classroom theater?more...
Ignite Student Presentations with Inspired, Passionate Learning
Do your students, like many others, do the same old culminating projects at the end of a unit, semester, or year?more...

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