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Personalized Learning with Google Tools

Provides suggestions and tips for personalizing learning with various Google tools.

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Would you like to energize and personalize student learning in your classroom? Discover how some Google tools can help you do just that. Youíll learn how to use Google Forms to streamline assessment and data collection so that you can determine what each child needs, as well as how to use Forms to create personalized assessments. You will also find out how to use Google Docs to create HyperDocs that provide flexible learning paths, and how a variety of Chrome Apps can be used to personalize mobile learning opportunities.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Differentiation & Personalization, Google Intermediate


  • Personalized Learning with Google Tools
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Useful information
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So informative!
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Awesome tech resources!
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Lots of great ideas, tips, and resources.
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Great information!
This was fantastic! I can't wait to dig-in to the templates & samples! Feel like this will be super helpful if we need to do distance learning again at any point next year. Thank you!!
This was excellent. Great ideas and practical ways to use in the classroom. The personal hints help so much too.
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Great resources! Thanks!
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I love this personalized learning style!
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