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Get Started with Personalized Learning

Provides an intro to personalized learning and provides suggestions for implementing it.

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You may have heard about personalized learning, but do you know what it is or how to implement it? These webinars explain what personalized learning is, why you should incorporate it, and how to design it. They also provide strategies, tools, and suggestions to help you implement personalized learning in your classroom. You will also discover some ways to design and implement personalized assessments.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Differentiation & Personalization, Learning Theories & Strategies


  • Get Started with Personalized Learning
Getting Started with Personalized Learning
Today's technology makes it easier than ever to meet each student's needs through personalized learning.more...
Creating Easy, Fun Personalized Learning
Would you like to easily create fun personalized learning for your students?more...
Creating Personalized Assessments with Google Forms
Did you know that Google Forms make it easy for you to design assessments that evolve with your students?more...
Reaching All Learning Styles Using a Free Online Tool to Deliver Personalized Content
Would you like an easy way to organize tools and resources so that you can easily reach all learning styles in your classroom?more...
Digital Differentiation: Tools to Support Flexible Learning Paths for Personalized Learning
Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate personalized learning experiences to address the diverse needs of all students.more...

Reviews (21)

Full Member
As we (teachers) continue teaching remotely, reaching all learning styles and personalized learning in now even more important. This learning program is packed with valuable information, tools, and resources.
Full Member
I absoltuely love the Paths for personalized learning! I have supported these methods for years and now there is actualy support! Yea!
Basic Member
Basic Member
The program in it's totality was excellent, except the last one. The quality of the audio was very poor. It almost seemed as if the presenter was not prepared for this webinar.
Basic Member
Great information!
Basic Member
This is a very good organizational tool!
Basic Member
Good suggestions for using Google Forms!
Basic Member
I love all the apps for personalized learning! Thank you!
Basic Member
Thanks for this useful information!
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