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Recognizing Suicidal Behavior and the Links to Trauma

Warning signs, behavior, and types of supported treatment for suicidal teens and children.

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When a child or teen attempts or commits suicide it can be extremely devastating. Join a licensed therapist and certified trauma professional as she discusses warning signs, problematic behavior, empirically supported treatment, and ways in which educators and school personnel can help families and students. The links between trauma and suicide, especially among young children, are also addressed.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Counseling, School Safety


  • Recognizing Suicidal Behavior and the Links to Trauma
Suicidal Behavior in Teens: An Intro for Educators and Parents on Triggers and Warning Signs
When something traumatic such as a suicide occurs, the shock can reverberate through the family, community, or school environment, affecting the thoughts and feelings all concerned for extended periods of time.more...
Suicidal Behavior in Teens: Steps Educators and Parents Can Take to Help
When a suicide occurs in the life of a young person, families, teachers, administrators, and community members often band together to show support and offer their condolences.more...
Childhood Suicide: Signs, Effects, and Links to Trauma
Traumatic events are very difficult to deal with, even for adults.more...
Childhood Suicide: 9 Tips for Parents and Teachers
When we suffer a traumatic event, it can negatively affect and influence our thoughts, sense of well-being, and our perception of life.more...

Reviews (18)

Full Member
Very Informative
Full Member
This was a well done and informative presentation
Full Member
Overall, wonderful topic and useful information
This information about triggers and warning signs have answered so many questions about recognizing suicidal behaviors in students. I have had very little training in this field and now I feeling more comfortable looking for the red flags.
Such an awesome series. Thank you so much.
Basic Member
Serious topic Thanks for calling!
Basic Member
Excellent series on Suicidal behavior and methods that teachers can use or refer as treatment. Would recommend fir other Simple K12 teachers who work with preteens and teens.
Basic Member
This is such valuable information for us to have whether we are a teacher or not, we are people and we need to do all we can to help those that may be struggling with some things and feel that that is the only answer. Its not, it's a moment that will pass. During my life I have had suicide impact my life very closely friends during high school, during my student teaching a 6th grade girl tried to take her life. This impacted all her friends and classmates, as well as staff and her family. I had a student that had a parent take their life, and I lost a very dear friend and co-worker to suicide. She was a 1st grade teacher and it had a HUGE impact on our whole community. This happened the day before we were to start state testing. We postponed it by a day and a grief team was brought in. We need to take every little sign seriously, any threat any joke...many should still be here. We are usually the first to see a sign, don't ignore it. This is full of valuable information. Thank you!
Basic Member
There was a lot of information about this I didn't know such as the youth cultural phenomena of aggrandizing suicide.
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