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Supporting Recovery through SEL

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Supporting Recovery through SEL


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Addressing Learning Loss


  • Supporting Recovery through SEL
5 Easy Ways to Get Parents Involved with SEL
In order to engage parents in social-emotional development, educators need to be able to create strong relationships, partner with families on goals for their children, and receive and provide ongoing support.more...
How to Teach Students about Mindfulness and Self-Care
Educators know that their students learn best when they feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.more...
Promoting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills: Helping Your Students Succeed
A child who develops good Social and Emotional Learning Skills (SEL) is more likely to better manage emotions, make responsible decisions, and be more successful in school and in life.more...
Social and Emotional Learning: Engineering Empathy in the Early Childhood Classroom
You likely know that emotional development and social skills are essential for school readiness, but you may be wondering why you should include engineering in your early learner classroom or are unsure how it relates to Social Emotional Learning, or SEL.more...
Social and Emotional Support for Students in Distance Learning
Incorporating SEL in your virtual classroom can help you better connect with your students as well as help them work on the five core competencies of SEL.more...
Social & Emotional Learning: Supports to Help All Learners
Workshop Description: How can we create a classroom environment that nurtures the social and emotional growth of all learners?more...
The Social Emotional Journal: A Fun Approach to Teaching SEL Skills

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Good information!
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Great information
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wow great stuff
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I already use some of the suggestions for SEL in my classroom. We do breathing exercises, yoga and I brought in my singing bowl.
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Insightful ideas
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