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Addressing Reading & Writing Learning Loss

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Addressing Reading & Writing Learning Loss


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Addressing Learning Loss


  • Addressing Reading & Writing Learning Loss
Engaging Falling Writers
Many elementary students come to us with some ideas and some skills for writing, but they just cannot seem to engage in the process of writing.more...
Enhance Reading Instruction for All Students with Universal Design for Learning
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides the opportunity for all students to access, participate in, and progress in the general-education curriculum by reducing barriers to instruction.more...
Entice Reluctant Middle and High School Readers with Engaging Mobile Apps
With all of their digital distractions, it can often be challenging to get many older students interested in reading, but using an iPad or other tablet can help to spark their enthusiasm for books.more...
For Elementary Administrators: 3 Ways to Catch Your Falling Readers
Is your school doing all it can to help those students who are falling behind in their reading skills?more...
Harness Students' Critical Thinking Skills and Close the Vocabulary Gap
Would you like to increase vocabulary comprehension for your K-12 students whether they are students who are struggling or those who are already exceling?more...
Help Improve Student Writing While Saving Time in Google Docs
Over 80 million students worldwide use G-Suite for Education.more...
Help Students Gain Reading Speed, Accuracy, and Confidence with an Awesome Tool for Google
Over 60% of students in the US today struggle with reading according to the Nation's Report Card.more...
Helping Students Become Independent Readers and Writers: An Intro to Balanced Literacy
Would you like to help your students to become more proficient, lifelong readers and writers?more...
Immersive Reader: Strategies for Student Success
Reading comprehension can be challenging for many students, especially those who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.more...
Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs
Would you like to improve your students' writing skills and help them bridge the gap between writing in school and writing in the real world?more...
Improve Writing Skills, Track Progress, and Save Time with a Free Google Add-on
Less than a quarter of students in the U.more...
Literacy Strategies for Gifted Readers
Do you ever find it challenging to keep your advanced and gifted readers engaged and excited about reading materials, assignments, and goals?more...
Making a Difference for Our Most Struggling Readers, Part 1
Are you looking for ways to effectively implement Response to Intervention (RTI)?more...
Making a Difference for Our Most Struggling Readers, Part 2
Are you looking for ways to effectively implement Response to Intervention (RTI)?more...
Mobile Apps for Supporting Struggling Readers
Do you have students who are struggling with reading - and therefore struggling to learn?more...
Motivate Readers and Get Connected: Reaching Out to Authors on the Web
How would you like to get your students enthused about reading and writing?more...
Motivated to Write! Tips and Tools to Inspire Our Learners
Writing can be a scary and difficult process for many learners who struggle with expressing their ideas, arguments, creativity, and logic in written words.more...
Raising Readers: Promoting Literacy Development at Home
Studies show that parental involvement is highly correlated with student success, but convincing a reluctant, struggling, or discouraged reader to read outside of the school day is often difficult.more...
Struggling Readers: Equity in a Virtual World
How do we teach literacy in an online learning environment in a way that ensures access and equity for all students?more...

Reviews (12)

Full Member
Wonderful programs
Full Member
I loved them all
Full Member
Great information! Watched them all!!!
I just watched Connie Hebert's 3 Ways to Catch your Falling Readers. It was very informative. The ideas are great, but they seem like they might be easier carried out in self-contained classrooms. When you only have so many minutes it is very difficult to get in small group reading groups plus cover all the standards you have to cover as well. Great info though!
Full Member
I like the guided reading support!
Full Member
Going through this learning program was beneficial. I learned about some new apps and added some new strategies to my toolbox.
Full Member
Great information. Thank you!
This has some really useful information for middle schoolers that I am going to try out!
Basic Member
Excellent info! I will definitely use the tools.
Basic Member
Very informative! This has given me several ideas to put into practice this fall!
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