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Connecting with Students to Accelerate Learning

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Connecting with Students to Accelerate Learning


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Addressing Learning Loss


  • Connecting with Students to Accelerate Learning
8 Ways Coronavirus Creates Trauma in The Family & Ways to Manage It
Any traumatic situation we may have to face in this life can leave us asking questions, scratching our heads, and searching for answers.more...
Be a Trauma Informed Teacher: Strategies to Help All Students Succeed
Have you ever considered what might be behind the misbehavior, anger, or poor performance of some of your students?more...
Connecting with Kids: The Importance of Building Relationships
Are you looking for some great ways to connect with your students?more...
Creating Growth Mindset Vision Boards with Google Tools
Would you like to help your students develop a growth mindset in which they set their goals and stay focused?more...
Designing Learning Spaces for a Creative, Collaborative Future
New and flexible learning spaces are no longer classrooms that hold 30 students and 1 teacher in a fixed box style, single purpose room.more...
How the Pandemic has Affected Student Learning
Although your students may not be studying a standard' curriculum during Covid-19, it does not mean that they aren't learning!more...
Nurturing Introverts: Classroom Strategies and Technologies to Reach Even the Quietest Kids
Do the introverted, quiet kids in your classroom often get overlooked?more...
Our Big Beautiful Brains: What Every Educator Should Know
Did you know that current research indicates that our brains both students' and adults' - are changing?more...
Reaching All Students: Ensuring the Success of At-Risk Students
In this webinar, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach explores the importance of blending learning with digital literacy skills to ensure success for our most at-risk students.more...
Using Technology to Bridge Learning Gaps with At-Risk Students
Frequently, at-risk students slip through the cracks - either because their grades are not quite bad enough or because they are able to "fake it until they make it" to graduation.more...

Reviews (9)

Full Member
Lots of good information!
Full Member
These presentations were really good information. I found out about several new resources that I had not previously known about!
Full Member
There are several presentations I will repeat here and resources I will check out.
Full Member
The presentations about the brain's capacities and at-risk Students were excellent and certainly speak to my experiences with students.
Full Member
I like the vision board idea!
Lots of great strategies and hands-on applications for teachers to use in their classrooms and beyond.
Full Member
Very interesting!
I agree with most of what Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach said. Just not sure on how to get going in that direction.
Basic Member
There were a lot of great ideas in this series! Thank you so much everybody! Sincerely, Jordan
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