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Integrating Google Slides into the Classroom

Suggestions, tips, and project ideas for to integrating Google Slides into your Classroom.

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Once you’ve learned the basics of Google Slides (check out the “Getting Started with Google Slides” course if you need more help), you’re ready to take Google Slides to the next level. This course offers a collection of webinars that will show you tips, tricks, and project ideas on how to use Google Slides in your classroom.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Intermediate


  • Integrating Google Slides into the Classroom
Become a Google Slides Master: Taking Slides to the Next Level
If you've taken some of the intro webinars on using Google Slides, then chances are you and your students are already creating fun, engaging presentations with Google Slides.more...
Creative Ways to Incorporate Google Slides in Your Classroom
If you are familiar with Google Slides, you are likely aware that it can be used to create electronic slide shows, but have you given much thought as to other ways you and your students can use Slides?more...
Google Slides: Going Beyond a Simple Slide Show
Google Slides is a staple in many classrooms, but it's rarely used for more than creating a traditional slide show.more...
Creating Choice Boards with Google Slides
Choice Boards or learning menus are a great way to enhance student learning.more...
Creating Interactive Bitmoji Virtual Spaces with Google Slides
Want to easily create Virtual Classrooms and Virtual Spaces for your Bitmoji?more...
Create an Interactive Adventure Story with Google Slides
When Ed Packer, the brain behind the "Choose Your Own Adventure" story format, first imagined this form of storytelling, he likely didn't consider that this type of storytelling might ultimately make its way onto the digital stage.more...
Turn Your Ordinary Class Syllabus into an Amazing E-Document
Do you ever print out endless copies of your class syllabus only to have students lose them?more...
Using Google Slides to Construct Knowledge and Encourage Student-driven Learning
Would you like to design student-driven learning experiences that require students to construct knowledge as they create - an idea supported by the Common Core State Standards?more...

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