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Getting Started with Google Forms

Step-by-step instruction for getting started with Google Forms.

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In this Google Basic collection of webinars, you'll become a pro using Google Forms! Whether you're brand new to Google Forms, or you've been using it for a while… this series will leave you feeling more confident than ever.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Basics


  • Getting Started with Google Forms
Intro to Google Forms: Creating Your First Form
Have you ever wanted to try Google Forms, but feel too intimidated?more...
Customizing Your Google Forms and Creating Exit Tickets
Now that you've learned the basics, join Matt Bergman to dive a little deeper into Google Forms.more...
Google Forms: Helpful Settings and Creating a Quiz
Besides from learning how to create Google Forms, you also need to get comfortable with all the settings.more...
Google Forms: Going Beyond the Basics and Secrets from a Pro
Have you ever looked in awe at someone else's Google Form and wonder "How did they do that?more...
Google Forms: An Intro to Adding Questions, Applying Themes, Sharing, and More
Google Forms is a powerful free online app that you can use to enter quizzes, polls, formative assessments, exit tickets, and more.more...
Make Google Forms Work for You!
You're probably familiar with Google Drive and may have used Google applications to create online documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, but have you ever used Google Forms?more...
Time-saving Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes with Google Forms
Discover how Google Forms can help you generate quick quizzes, surveys, and detailed spreadsheets with charts.more...
Save Time and Simplify Your Grading
Do you spend seemingly endless hours grading student quizzes and tests?more...
Create Self-Checking Quizzes with Google Forms and Spreadsheets
Do you spend too much time grading quizzes?more...

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