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Building Engaging Content with Pear Deck

Learn how to create engaging, web-based content with Pear Deck.

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This course will teach you how to use Pear Deck, a digital content delivery tool, to create web-based assessment and interactive learning experiences for your students. This step-by-step course is designed for beginners. By the end of the course, you will feel comfortable and confident using Pear Deck to create engaging interactive lessons and activities for student learning. Pear Deck works seamlessly with Google Slides, and can also be used in conjunction with other learning platforms.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Intermediate, Virtual Learning


  • Building Engaging Content with Pear Deck
Getting Started with Pear Deck: Interactive Online Learning
Pear Deck is a web-based assessment tool for delivering content.more...
Pear Deck: Instructor-Led and Student-Paced Instructional Strategies
Now that you have created your first Pear Deck, how do you deliver that deck to students?more...
Pear Deck: Integrating with Google Classroom
Now that you're comfortable with the basics of Pear Deck, let's talk about how to use it with other applications, specifically Google Classroom!more...
Pear Deck: Ideas for Vocabulary Instruction
Let's talk about using Pear Deck for Vocabulary!more...

Reviews (19)

Basic Member
Very nice program to use with students; I wish the cool features were free.
I really enjoyed the presentations on Pear Deck. They were very informative. I am excited to try using Pear Deck with my students. Thank You.
Basic Member
Thank you
Basic Member
The program is very informative. Thank you
Helpful introduction to features. Didn't realize it was an add on already built into my Google slides. Do not feel comfortable offering it to my students without playing around with it and going to another training.
Full Member
The program was very informative and I feel confident in using this program to help my students.
The program was informative and very user friendly. I feel more confident in navigating and using the program within my classroom.
Basic Member
I notice that some information I saw it but the rest is ok. Thank You!
Basic Member
I really love the presentation, very clear and informative. Thank you
Full Member
Enjoyed Getting Started with Pear Deck. Seen it from student view from earlier PD. Great to see its options from a teacherís view. Made more sense.
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