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Using the Seesaw Learning Platform

Step-by-step training on using the Seesaw learning platform.

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This course is designed to help teachers maximize their use of the Seesaw learning platform. This step-by-step series is designed for beginners. Skills and concepts build as you continue through the course. By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable and confident using the Seesaw platform. Along the way you will learn helpful and practical advice on enhancing instruction. Please note: This course is designed for using Seesaw Premium which may have additional functionality than the free version. References to features in the free account are made to help teachers who may be using that version of Seesaw.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Early Learners, Virtual Learning


  • Using the Seesaw Learning Platform
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Reviews (8)

Very informative!
Our teachers use Class Dojo but learned more about Seasaw in case we ever do use it.
Basic Member
LOVE SeeSaw! Could not have done Distance Learning without it. I also use it in my classroom daily. I like that you can use other people's lessons, but edit them to fit your class. Thanks for the pointers and info.
excited to try some new ideas
very good information on how to use seesaw
Basic Member
I have the idea to follow many guides,
Full Member
I enjoyed this program very much.
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