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Little Learners: Teaching Littles in a Digital Environment

Our littlest learners have unique needs when we're teaching online.

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This course is a collection of webinars designed to showcase ways to use technology to teach today’s little learners. Each webinar stands alone, so pick and choose which titles are most relevant to you. If you like this course, be sure to check out even more content all throughout the Early Learners Category of the SimpleK12 Course Catalog.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Early Learners, Virtual Learning


  • Little Learners: Teaching Littles in a Digital Environment
Tech Integration with Littles
You've managed to get your young learners logged in to various devices… but now what?more...
Easily Create Websites, Movies, and More with Your Early Learners
Would you like your early learners to be able to share the story of their learning by creating websites and other artifacts of learning?more...
Touch Typing: Resources and Lessons for Elementary-Age Students
Touch Typing has become just as important for our students as handwriting – and the earlier our students learn, the better.more...
Strategies and Apps for Personalized Learning in Early Elementary (PreK-2)
Have you ever considered shifting to personalized learning for your early learners, but weren't sure the best ways to go about it?more...
Assessment Tools and Apps for Early Elementary
Teachers are always looking for new and effective ways to assess students, so why not find ways to make those assessments engaging and entertaining?more...
Tech Tools and Tips to Boost Early Literacy
Have you ever wondered what are some of the best ways to use technology with your early learners?more...
Awesome Apps, Web Tools, and Lessons for PreK through 2nd Grade
Have you hesitated to include more technology in your early elementary classroom because you weren't sure if your students were too young?more...
Super Science Resources for Grades K-2
Young children are often curious and inquisitive by nature, so why not channel that curiosity and inquiry into an enthusiastic exploration of science?more...
Mathemagic: Math Resources for Grades K-2
With the increasing emphasis on core subjects, it is more important than ever that students begin with a good foundation in math, and having the right resources to teach it can improve student understanding and scores.more...
Introducing and Managing Google Classroom in Early Elementary
Even the youngest students can benefit from Google Classroom.more...
Google Apps and Extensions for Early Elementary Classrooms
Are you looking for ways to incorporate tech into your early elementary classroom?more...
Using G Suite in the Primary Classroom
Even our youngest learners can enjoy using Google Apps for productivity and creation!more...

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