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Teaching Special Populations In a Digital Environment

Strategies, tips, tools and ideas for teaching a broad range of special populations.

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This course is a collection of webinars designed to discuss strategies, tips, tools, and ideas for teaching a broad range of special populations in a remote or digital environment. Each webinar stands alone, so pick and choose which titles are most relevant to you. I If you like this course, be sure to check out even more content all throughout the Special Education category of the SimpleK12 Course Catalog.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Special Education , Virtual Learning


  • Teaching Special Populations In a Digital Environment
Interactive Math and Science Resources for Special Education
Finding a well-rounded assortment of Math and Science resources to meet the needs of diverse learners is not always easy.more...
Don't Forget About Me: Tips for Designing Online Learning for IEP Students
Teaching online is much more than understanding how to use technology it requires a lot of work, planning, and preparation to make the transition.more...
Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in the Remote Classroom
Join us as we take a look at ways to adapt instruction online for students with exceptionalities.more...
Supporting Students with Autism During Remote Learning
Students with Autism may have unique needs with communication, learning, and social skills.more...
Addressing Learning Differences and Disabilities in an Online Environment
This webinar gives you tools and training for teaching students with disabilities in any environment.more...
Apps and Extensions to Help Learners Who Have ADHD
The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 5% of children are diagnosed with ADHD.more...
Level the Playing Field for Students with Disabilities using Free Microsoft Tools
Would you like some free tech tools that will help your students who struggle with reading and writing?more...
The Importance of Accessibility: Creating Content with Diversity and Accessibility in Mind
When you're designing content and other class materials, do you take into account the needs of all your students?more...
When Reading is Difficult: Using iPad Text-to-Speech as a Reading Support
If you have students who have reading difficulties, vision challenges, or are English Language Learners, the powerful text-to-speech feature on the iPad offers a variety of reading supports to help them succeed.more...
Implementing UDL in the Special Need Classroom with Content Creation Apps
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles for curriculum design that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.more...
Supporting Diverse Learners with AR and Virtual Coaches
Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to embed supports into the learning environment in order to meet the needs of your diverse learners.more...
Top 10 Apps for Children with Autism
Mobile devices and apps often work well to engage students in the autism spectrum, but with so many apps on the market, it can be difficult to find just the right app for your child or student.more...
Using Technology in the Special Ed Setting for Voice, Choice, and Rigor
The Special Education classroom should be the place in the building that offers the most support and accommodations to a learner's needs.more...
Tech Tools to Help Students with Dyslexia
Chances are good that one or more students in your classroom suffer from dyslexia in varying degrees.more...
15 Ways Google Hangouts Can Take the Isolation Out of Special Education
Do you sometimes feel as though you or your special education students are isolated from others?more...
Assistive Technologies for Students Diagnosed with Communication Disorders
There are many different types of assistive technologies and augmentative and alternative communication devices available for students who have been diagnosed with communication disorders.more...
Mobile Apps for Special Ed: Social and Fine Motor Skills
Are you looking for ways to improve your students' social skills?more...
Mobile Apps for Special Ed: Reading, Math, Speech, and Behavior
While iPads and iPad apps can be engaging and aid in instruction in almost any classroom, they can be especially useful in the Special Ed classroom.more...

Reviews (7)

Full Member
Very helpful and informative.
Basic Member
Basic overview on Special Education but touched on some key points; individualization, know the student's story, relationships matter, gain students input, and tie in their interests.
Basic Member
Extremely helpful. Thank you!
Very helpful and informative. It is nice to hear from someone who understands the special ed side of things!
Full Member
Great info. Thanks!
Basic Member
Love the plethora of apps to use in the classroom
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