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A Transition to Teaching Online

Webinars to help teachers transition to teaching students virtually.

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This course is designed to help teachers who are quickly transitioning to teaching online due to an unexpected school closures. While this course contains a great collection of webinars, we encourage you to explore the rest of the SimpleK12 Course Catalog - which is full of ideas for teaching digitally.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Virtual Learning


  • A Transition to Teaching Online
Introduction to Teaching Online
This webinar is perfect for the novice online instructor or anyone thinking about stepping into the digital world of education.more...
Sustaining Academic Integrity in an Online Environment
Maintaining academic integrity in an online environment requires a comprehensive approach.more...
What You Need To Teach Online: It's More Than a Good Computer
As schools and teachers transition to, or consider, online learning, there are many things to consider.more...
Ensuring Continuity of Teaching and Learning During an Emergency
There are a myriad of reasons students may be out of school for extended periods of time.more...
Using Screencasting to Facilitate Learning From Home
Teaching virtually can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you are used to a brick and mortar classroom.more...
5 Strategies for Using Screencasts to Facilitate Learning From Home
Once you've learned a little bit about what Screencasting, and some of the tools available, it's time to dive in!more...
Managing a Google Hangout Session
Once you've decided to hold a Google Hangout session, there are some things you can do before and during the session to manage it and help ensure that it is as productive and smooth as possible.more...
Finding and Selecting Online Content for Your Virtual Classroom
Learn strategies for selecting online content that best meets the needs of your student audience.more...
Addressing Learning Differences and Disabilities in an Online Environment
This webinar gives you tools and training for teaching students with disabilities in any environment.more...

Reviews (25)

Basic Member
I learned a lot from this series! TY!- Jordan
Basic Member
Excellent resources and ideas.
so much good information.
I found it interesting that the speaker called it Communication Assessment Materials Providers (C.A.M.P) virtual camp.
Basic Member
Just watched Ensuring Continuity of Teaching and Learning During an Emergency and wanted to read comments/notes on Bunnypad but am getting an error message. I clicked around other unrelated webinars and it seems that this resource is not working.
Basic Member
Very information. Thank you!
Basic Member
Great presentation thank You
Very Informative
It was an amazing experience, the webinars was useful, well structures, informative.
I learn a lot from them.
I thought that the programs that were recorded in recently (2020) were really helpful and the Finding and Selecting Online Content was really helpful. The webinars from 2011 were very out dated and didn't really offer anything that I could apply to my teaching.
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