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Becoming a Trauma Informed Teacher

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Trauma can have very significant and lasting effects on children. When our students have experienced a traumatic event, such as a loved one's death, violence, abuse, neglect, natural disaster, serious illness, or other distressful event, it can have a profound effect on their emotional and mental health, along with their behaviors. As teachers, it is important to learn how to recognize signs of trauma, the causes of trauma, how to discuss trauma and ways you can help create an accepting place for your students to succeed.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management, Counseling


  • Becoming a Trauma Informed Teacher
How to Discuss Tragedy with K-6 Students
From destructive natural disasters to senseless school shootings, the need to help students understand, make sense of, and deal with tragedy is becoming increasingly common.more...
How to Discuss Tragedy with Middle and High School Students
Whether confronted with the untimely death of a classmate, senseless school shootings, or destructive natural disasters, secondary students often need help understanding, making sense of, and dealing with tragedy.more...
Childhood Suicide: Signs, Effects, and Links to Trauma
Traumatic events are very difficult to deal with, even for adults.more...
Be a Trauma Informed Teacher: Strategies to Help All Students Succeed
Have you ever considered what might be behind the misbehavior, anger, or poor performance of some of your students?more...
5 Ways To Support A Child With A Trauma History
Children who are struggling with a traumatic event have a very hard time adjusting to school and managing all that school requires of them.more...
10 Facts You Should Know About Childhood Trauma
Childhood trauma is a rare topic in today's society but it has gained momentum in the field of psychotherapy and psychiatry over the past few years.more...

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nice stuff
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It was so interesting
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Very great information throughout all the videos , i learned a lot!
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Very informative information. I see where some of the behaviors I am seeing in students could actually be trauma induced.
Awesome program!
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Fantastic information to utilize.
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Valuable information was provided.
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10 facts all should hear about.
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well done
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