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Social Studies Projects and Activities

Tools, projects, and activities that facilitate a better understanding of social studies concepts.

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Social Studies projects and activities provide students with a broader, culturally diverse view of the world, which can help them to become better citizens, both within their communities and globally. These webinars will cover suggested tools and activities for incorporating current events, speaking and listening activities, and interactive AR and VR experiences that encourage student exploration. You will discover a variety of tech friendly options that facilitate a better understanding of social studies concepts. Learn about a tool that lets you or your students create virtual journeys that include text, video, and images as you virtually explore other countries or landmarks and elements such as volcanoes or deep sea vents. All of this and more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Tools for Student Projects


  • Social Studies Projects and Activities
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Explore New Worlds, Past and Present: iPad Apps for Teaching Social Studies
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