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Projects and Activities to Promote Literacy

Suggested activities, projects, and tools that can help students become better readers and writers.

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Reading and writing are crucial skills for students to develop and hone and the sooner the better. These webinars include suggested activities, projects, and tools that can help students become better at reading and writing. They will include explanations of how your students can improve their literacy skills by creating comics, telling stories with maps, or crafting their own adventure stories. You will also discover how to facilitate a writing workshop with your students using Google Docs, as well as some great collaborative projects to promote reading skills with elementary readers.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Reading & Writing, Tools for Student Projects


  • Projects and Activities to Promote Literacy
What Fun! Improve Literacy with 10 Free Comic Tools and Apps
Improving literacy is challenging when learners are not engaged with the material.more...
Create an Interactive Adventure Story with Google Slides
When Ed Packer, the brain behind the "Choose Your Own Adventure" story format, first imagined this form of storytelling, he likely didn't consider that this type of storytelling might ultimately make its way onto the digital stage.more...
Collaborative Projects for Elementary Readers
If you are an elementary educator, you no doubt know how important it is for your students to cultivate strong reading and collaborative skills.more...
Facilitate a Writing Workshop Using Google Docs
How would you like you like to improve your students' writing skills along with their technology skills?more...
Using Google MyMaps to Teach Reading, Research Skills, and More!
When you think about mapping, do you tend to think of it as an activity that is only done in social studies classes?more...
Help Students Learn Vocabulary Using a Fun, Free Tool
Need fun and effective ways for your students to learn vocabulary or terms?more...

Reviews (10)

Loved it!
Basic Member
Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas and tools! I teach collaborative classes always and constantly search for ways for all of my kids to reach their greatest potential. The presenters were well versed and did an excellent job of keeping their segment relevant and interesting!
Basic Member
Thank you for all the resources!
Basic Member
I absolutely LOVED all the resources!!! TY! - Jordan
Basic Member
This is a great group of webinars to have to gain innovative ways to integrate technology into ELA.
Basic Member
I am excited to look into these vocabulary websites. Thank you!
Basic Member
Basic Member
Great resources!
Basic Member
Susan did a great job! I learned quite a few new tools that I didn't know existed in Google Docs. Thank you!
Basic Member
Loved it! I didn't realize that there were games which could be played in Quizlet. I signed up for it about a month ago but haven't really used it yet. I will make better use of it now.
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