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Art and Design

Digital resources and ideas to promote creativity and engage students in elements of art and design.

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Creativity is one of 4Cs, as well as a 21st Century skill, that teachers need to promote. It not only lets students express themselves, but also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving, while reducing stress and anxiety. Incorporating art and design are great ways to let your students develop their creativity. These webinars cover how to use and integrate Google Drawings across content areas, as well as how to make connections between ideas and reinforce concepts with sketchnoting and doodling. You will also discover various digital resources and apps to engage students in drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and animation.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Tools for Student Projects


  • Art and Design
Using Google Drawing in the Classroom
Words are important, but sometimes a picture can say it even better - especially when it's an original drawing!more...
Google Drawings: An Intro to Creating, Adding Shapes, Layering, and More
Google Drawings is a powerful free app that you and your students can use to create, edit, and collaborate on drawings and diagrams.more...
Integrate Google Drawings across Content Areas to Support Learning
If you think that Google Drawings is only good for art class or for doodling, think again!more...
Making Connections with Doodling and Sketch Noting
Workshop Description: Have you had students scribbling in their notebooks during class only to find that they are not taking notes but doodling?more...
Say it With Pictures: Using Mobile Devices to Capture Pictures and Learning
Is a picture worth a thousand words?more...
Digital Resources for the Visual Arts
Would you like to integrate digital tools and apps into your art classroom or general curriculum?more...
15 Free Web Tools to Use in Elementary Art, Music, and Physical Education
Art, Music, and Physical Education - whether taught as separate subjects or incorporated into general classroom instruction - are crucial to helping develop key skills and the physical well-being of elementary students.more...

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How do I print a certificate of completion?
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Loved the sand art and songster sites! Thank you, awesome materials!
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Very insightful.
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very informative! Good stuff.
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Lots of great information! Thank you! - Jordan
I think it was informative and helpful for the Specials team.
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This is very informative and can also be used as number line in math and science class
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It was informative, but there was a lot of overlap between the Digital Resources for the Visual Arts and 15 Free Web Tools to Use in Elementary Art, Music, and PE.
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