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Intro to Coding and Robotics Across Curriculum

Easy-to-use tools to introduce coding or robotics across curriculum without knowing programming

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Coding no longer needs to be relegated only to computer classes. With our increasing reliance on technology and a steady growth in technology-related jobs, it has become increasingly important that we encourage and support an interest in coding among our students. These webinars will explain how coding can help all students learn important skills, such problem solving, computational thinking, creativity, analytical thinking, and working collaboratively. They will share easy-to-use tools and suggestions for incorporating coding across curriculum and grade levels. You will discover a variety of free, ready-to-use curriculum resources and learn how you and your students can take part in the Hour of Code. In addition, there is an introductory overview of robotics that explains the benefits of teaching robotics in all core classes, discusses various types of robotics, and summarizes possible cross-curricular robotic kits. Best of all, you do not know programming!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: STEAM, Tools for Student Projects


  • Intro to Coding and Robotics Across Curriculum
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Reviews (10)

Basic Member
Great information!
Full Member
It is a very nice way to find lots of valuable resources for teaching and learning.
Basic Member
Very app driven.
Basic Member
This was okay, but there was a lot of overlap in each session. I also feel it was just a drive-by of apps available and not about actual lessons that could be used across the curriculum.
Full Member
Great! I know nothing about coding and robotics. Now I know where to start
Basic Member
Lots of great information.
I absolutely enjoy this webinar on coding. I received a roadmap of information to begin my trip. Thank You so much!
Full Member
Thank you for sharing:)
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