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Skills that Help Students Create Projects

Covers skills needed for projects, such as research, notetaking, citation, copyright, typing, & more

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Students often need a variety of ancillary skills in order to successfully complete all of the tasks for a project. These webinars address how to help students become more proficient in some of these tasks, including how to research, take notes, curate, summarize, and evaluate the information they find. They will also cover how to find and use primary sources, as well as share tools that will help students properly cite sources. An overview of copyright and Creative Commons licensing is included, along with an explanation of what students are free to use in their projects and what items may be subject to copyright. You will also discover ways to help your students build keyboarding skills even with the youngest students.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness, Tools for Student Projects


  • Skills that Help Students Create Projects
Creative Commons: Creating Better Digital Citizens
Being a good digital citizen is important, but all too often when students find pictures or other works online, they fail to understand what they can re-use and what they can't.more...
Touch Typing: Resources and Lessons for Elementary-Age Students
Touch Typing has become just as important for our students as handwriting and the earlier our students learn, the better.more...
Cite This: Two Free Tools that Make Citing Sources Easy!
Are you frustrated with the citations and bibliographies that students turn in - or worse yet, that they fail to turn in?more...
Keeping It Real: Tips and Strategies for Digital Literacy in an Era of Fake News
Our "digital natives" may be able to switch effortlessly between Facebook and Twitter while simultaneously uploading a selfie to Instagram and texting a friend, but when it comes to evaluating information from websites and various social media channels, they are usually not as tech savvy.more...
Where in the World Can I Find Primary Sources?
Asking questions, making connections, and creating comparisons are concepts that repeat throughout the Common Core Standards.more...
How in the World Can I Use Primary Sources?
Once you've found the primary source documents you need, do you know how you might use them in your classroom?more...
Researching Effectively with Mobile Devices: Note Taking and Bookmarking
Mobile devices are effective for improving literacy for students because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...
Researching Effectively through Mobile Devices: Curation and Aggregation
Many schools are beginning to see the potential and effectiveness of using mobile devices to improve literacy, because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...
Keyboarding for Grades K-6: Online Web Resources and Apps
In this digital age, good keyboarding skills are becoming more and more crucial - even at the elementary grade levels.more...
15 Free Mobile Apps for Digital Research
Get your students researching on the go with their mobile devices.more...

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There were some interesting ideas, that I don't already use or that were new to me, in some of the presentations.
I am going to try and incorporate a couple of the ideas in several of my classes in the future.
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