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Project Ideas that Promote the 4 Cs

Tools, activities, and projects to help students develop proficiency in the 4 Cs.

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The 4 Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity - along with other 21st Century skills are key for student success in school and later in life. This sampling of webinars includes projects and activities that help to cultivate these skills. They contain project ideas, activities, and tips using both web-based tools and mobile apps. You will discover ideas for project-based learning, makerspaces, tinkering labs, digital storytelling, videos, virtual field trips, and more.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Tools for Student Projects


  • Project Ideas that Promote the 4 Cs
Why Project-based Learning (PBL) is Critical for Student Success
Students need to learn how to work in groups, respond to real-world scenarios, and participate in online environments.more...
Project Ideas and Free Tools for Collaborative Learning
The Web is full of great free tools that help and encourage our students to collaborate on projects.more...
Kaleidoscope of Learning: K-12 Global Collaboration and Virtual Field Trips
Today's students need to be more globally aware and involved than ever, and you can help them explore the limitless possibilities of cross-cultural interactions via global collaboration projects!more...
Using Videos for Creative Storytelling
The use of videos in the classroom can help students reflect on or demonstrate their learning, while also providing an outlet for their creativity.more...
Igniting Critical Thinking and Problem-solving through Tinkering Labs and Mobile Technologies
Makerspaces and Coding are just two of the ingredients of a highly engaging learning lab that allows students to create, collaborate, and invent - while sparking authentic math, science, and literacy development.more...
Digital Storytelling Apps and Project Ideas to get K-12 Students Excited about Learning
Are you looking for project and classroom ideas that can help your students develop and enhance creativity, information fluency, communication, and collaboration skills?more...
Get Started Creating Engaging Student Projects with Chromebooks
Would you like for your students to create engaging projects that help them understand concepts, improve creativity, and demonstrate what they know?more...
Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with Green-screen Effects and an iPad
Digital storytelling can be a great way for students to develop creativity and communication skills as they enhance their technology and organization skills.more...

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