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Using QR Codes

An intro to using QR Codes in the classroom, including tools, tips, activities, and project ideas.

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QR Codes can be used to contain or convey a great deal of information and can used for guided learning activities or in student projects. These webinars introduce you to QR codes, explain how to create them, and explore their learning potential. You will learn how you or your students can attach audio, text, visual, video, and so much more to the QR codes you create. You will also discover how QR code projects can be used to easily differentiate lessons to better meet your students' individual needs and learning styles.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Tools for Student Projects


  • Using QR Codes
How QR Codes Changed My Classroom
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10 Activities You Can Do With QR Codes
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Creative Activities, Projects, Tutorials, and More with QR Codes
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Easy QR Code Projects to Differentiate and Energize Learning
Would you like to differentiate your lessons to better meet your students' individual needs and learning styles?more...

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