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Virtual Field Trips

Sites, tools, and tips that teachers and students can use for virtual field trips and explorations.

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While field trips can be great learning opportunities, they are often not possible due to cost, paperwork, and logistics. Virtual field trips offer a great way for you and your students to explore other countries, historical sites, museums, outer space, and more all without leaving the classroom! Discover a selection of sites and tools that are applicable to a variety of subjects and grade levels. You will also find ideas for global collaboration projects that include help promote multi-cultural respect and tolerance.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Tools for Student Projects, Virtual Learning


  • Virtual Field Trips
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Reviews (13)

Full Member
Around the World in Eighty Days: Virtual Fields has an incredible amount of information and she gives the link for her slides that have the specific sites linked!! Thank you so much for this presentation!! Meredith Martin was awesome!!!
Thank you for all of these fabulous resources ... I can also share that there is a virtual tour of White House.
Full Member
Lots of great resources, tips, and links!
Excellent resources!
Lots of good ideas.
Full Member
Loved this!
Full Member
I enjoyed all the resources as well as all the information in this lesson
Basic Member
Thank you, Jerry for the super-duper info!
Basic Member
I really appreciate the webinar on Google Maps and all the different ways to take virtual field trips!
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