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Tech Tools, Projects, & Lessons for Early Learners

Tools, strategies, and lessons to help you integrate technology with early learners.

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Pre-K and early elementary teachers often wonder what technologies can be effectively used with their young learners. Various tools, strategies, and tips for for integrating technology with early learners will be shared. You will also discover suggested lesson ideas that use technology and introduce typing to your younger students.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Early Learners


  • Tech Tools, Projects, & Lessons for Early Learners
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Reviews (7)

Basic Member
Thank you very much!
Basic Member
Very helpful! Thank you
Very helpful for a beginner Tech teacher.
Basic Member
Love the fact that SeeSaw can be integrated with Google Classroom. Thank you for the information.
Information was helpful!
THANK YOU X100 You have explained perfectly how to set up Seesaw. I know I will be referring to this webinar frequently until I gain confidence with the platform.
Basic Member
I enjoyed learning about Seesaw, how to create movies, and different ways to integrate technology into my classroom.
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