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Behavior and SEL Strategies with Early Learners

Strategies to address and improve behavior and social emotional learning with early learners.

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Getting younger children to channel their energies, develop their social and emotional skills, and behave appropriately can be challenging. You will discover strategies for addressing and improving behavior issues, as well as improving social and emotional learning.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Diversity & SEL, Early Learners


  • Behavior and SEL Strategies with Early Learners
30 Behavior Strategies for the K-5 Special Ed Classroom
Are your behavior strategies not working, or are you tired of using the same reinforcement tactics over and over?more...
Nonviolent Intervention: Preventing a Student's Behavior from Escalating
Have you ever wanted to try and intervene before the meltdown of a student escalated into more destructive behaviors, such as hitting or chair throwing?more...
Say This, Not That: Effective Communication to Build Responsible Behaviors in Children
Have you ever wished that your students would be more responsible?more...
Social and Emotional Learning: Engineering Empathy in the Early Childhood Classroom
You likely know that emotional development and social skills are essential for school readiness, but you may be wondering why you should include engineering in your early learner classroom or are unsure how it relates to Social Emotional Learning, or SEL.more...
The Social Emotional Journal: A Fun Approach to Teaching SEL Skills

Reviews (18)

Full Member
I thought Emily had some great ideas to use with young children too.
Full Member
Loved it! It was easy to listen to and follow.
Great information
Full Member
This learning program was full of information. I especially liked the "Social Emotional Journal" because I could identify what you were saying. Your deliverance of the info was well presented
Full Member
Good information
Full Member
Good information and reminders for classroom teachers
Full Member
I thoroughly enjoyed Say This, Not That. Overall there were very valuable and tangible things to help me take a look at how I teach. Very good.
Basic Member
Great information
Basic Member
Thank you for sharing.
Basic Member
Good information
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