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Differentiation and Assessment Strategies with Early Learners

Assessment, differentiation, and personalization strategies for use with early learners.

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You will learn tools and strategies for differentiating and personalizing learning for your young learners. In addition, formative assessment strategies, apps, and tools appropriate for early learners will also be covered.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Assessment & Review , Early Learners


  • Differentiation and Assessment Strategies with Early Learners
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Reviews (8)

Full Member
Great resource.
Full Member
I am excited about leaning and using these assessment tools.
Full Member
Very informative
Full Member
Very interesting and informative!!!!
I enjoyed learning about assessment apps and different ways to access my students.
Full Member
Very interesting webinars. They shared a great deal of information for me to consider.
I thought each teacher was well informed about the topic matter they presented. The visual portion of the presentation allowed me to store information in my memory. Each presenter has a love of children.
Full Member
This was an AMAZING webinar! :)
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