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Developing Literacy Skills in Early Learners

Strategies, tools, and tips for developing early literacy skills.

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Learning to read is crucial to a student's academic success. Discover tips and suggestions for teaching pre-literacy skills, as well as ways to boost early literacy. You will also learn how to use non-fiction literature with your early learners.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Early Learners, Reading & Writing


  • Developing Literacy Skills in Early Learners
Beyond ABC's: Creative Ways to Teach the Alphabet and Pre-Literacy Skills
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Tech Tools and Tips to Boost Early Literacy
Have you ever wondered what are some of the best ways to use technology with your early learners?more...
Using Non-Fiction Literature in Early Childhood
Non-fiction sometimes gets a bad reputation for being complex and unstimulating, especially with younger learners - but it doesn't have to be!more...

Reviews (15)

I enjoyed learning different ways to teach the alphabet, how to use non-fiction books, and ways to help my students using a variety of tech tools.
Great suggestions!
Thanks, we sometimes forget what we have learned.
Full Member
good information, good reminders of how to teach the basics
great information
Full Member
This learning program gave very usable ideas. Great information about using nonfiction texts in the early grades. Usable technology for the younger learners and great reminders on teaching the alphabet. Thank you!
Full Member
Great ideas.
Full Member
Great information on how to teach the alphabet. Thank you.
Full Member
great ideas for including nonfiction into early chidhood classroom
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