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STEAM and STEM for Early Learners

Strategies, tools, and tips for developing math, science, and coding skills with young learners.

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With the increasing emphasis on core subjects, it is more important than ever that early learners begin with a good foundation in math and science. In addition to suggestions for teaching early numerancy, you will discover math and science resources and tools for appropriate for your early learners. You will also discover how easy it is to begin introducing coding to your young learners.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Early Learners, STEAM


  • STEAM and STEM for Early Learners
Making Sense of Number Sense: Teaching Early Numeracy
Building a strong foundation in number sense is an important step in a young learner's math development.more...
Mathemagic: Math Resources for Grades K-2
With the increasing emphasis on core subjects, it is more important than ever that students begin with a good foundation in math, and having the right resources to teach it can improve student understanding and scores.more...
Super Science Resources for Grades K-2
Young children are often curious and inquisitive by nature, so why not channel that curiosity and inquiry into an enthusiastic exploration of science?more...
Teaching the "T" in STEM: Technology for Young Learners (PreK-2)
Technology can be a great tool to help motivate children learn how to read, write, do math, and more.more...
Coding with Littles
If you think that teaching coding to young learners is too advanced, think again!more...

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Wonderful presentation
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very informative
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Wow! A lot of great information. Thank you.
Wonderful view of how to begin coding based on how the younger students learn.
Full Member
Great information.
I enjoyed learning about how to teach my Littles how to begin coding and finding out about the math and science resources.
Very informative with the future learning ways with coding!
As our school district works to revamp and recreate our STEAM within our schools, this collection was able to give me great insight into the early grades and their use and need of the subject matter.
Very informative with wonderful ideas and resources.
Lots of useful information
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