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Tools and Instructional Strategies for Google Classroom

Educational tools and strategies to help get the most out of Google Classroom.

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If you are already familiar with setting up and using the basics of Google Classroom, these tips, tools, and strategies can help take your usage of Google Classroom to the next level. In addition to some enaging educational tools and applications that link directly to Google Classroom, you will discover tools and strategies for formative assessment and personalized learning.


Subject: Google Classroom
Categories: Google Classroom


  • Tools and Instructional Strategies for Google Classroom
7 Tools That Make Google Classroom Even Better
You may be aware that Google Classroom is changing and enhancing the way teachers and students are using G Suite.more...
10 Time-Saving Tips for Google Classroom
Are you or your school using, or thinking about using, Google Classroom?more...
Personalizing Student Learning with Google Classroom
As an educator, you no doubt know that all students learn best in different ways, at different paces, and when they have some choice in the topics they explore or the ways in which they demonstrate their learning.more...
Formative Assessment Tools and Strategies with Google Classroom
Would you like to be able to easily give your students formative assessments that work well in Google Classroom?more...
Tips and Strategies for Using an iPad with Google Classroom
Do you or your students use Google Classroom on an iPad?more...
Use Experiments with Google to Spark Discussions and More in Google Classroom
Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets are well-known tools that encourage student collaboration, but have you considered using other collaborative tools within Google Classroom?more...

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The webinars in this section were very informative!
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Another whole "course" is finished and again... tons of information to "digest". I take a lot and I always wonder how I am going to learn all this! Thanks a million, Maria :)
These webinars are very informative.
I enjoyed the many options he shared for a new user to consider.
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This was a very interesting and exciting webinar.
I did this as a brush up with the ever changing times and actually learned a couple of things. Awesome.
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This was wonderful!!!
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