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Using G Suite within Google Classroom

Step-by-step instructions and ideas for using G Suite within Google Classroom.

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The G Suite tools available within Google Classroom offer wonderful opportunities for individual and collaborative work, as well a variety of classroom uses. This course contains step-by-step instructions for using them, as well as suggestions and tips for classroom usage and student projects.


Subject: Google Classroom
Categories: Google Classroom


  • Using G Suite within Google Classroom
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Nice information
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Really liked the presentation on hyper-docs. Topic: How to create top-notch Hyperdocs that incorporate visually stimulating content, opportunities for applying knowledge, choice of learning activities, and innovative response opportunities Great ideas and a very enthusiastic presenter!
Excellent Info!
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Incredible information thank you!
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This had excellent information. Thank you!
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Great information!
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Really liked the presentation on hyperdocs. Great ideas and a very enthusiastic presenter!
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Unable to access the classroom and materials.
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Another fine group of webinars.....this novice will attempt to implement some of this knowledge!
Very helpful ideas!
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