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Introduction to Google Classroom

Strategies and tips for getting started and staying organized with Google Classroom.

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If your school or district has signed up for Google Classroom, these step-by-step instructions, tips, and strategies can help you get started setting up your class, managing assignments, and staying organized. This course will also cover some best practices for using Google Classroom.


Subject: Google Classroom
Categories: Google Classroom


  • Introduction to Google Classroom
Google Classroom: Setting Up, Organizing, Archiving, and More!
Google Classroom is a great online learning platform that can help to facilitate communication, collaboration, and workflow in your classroom.more...
Google Classroom: Handling Assignments, Student Workflow, Communications, and More!
Google Classroom provides a great way to implement a paperless classroom, streamline workflow, and improve communication between teachers, students, and parents.more...
10 Hacks for Using Google Classroom
Google Classroom is an easy-to-use, innovative tool that can be used to enhance and streamline classroom communication, collaboration, and connection.more...
Strategies and Tips for Student Collaboration in Google Classroom
Google Classroom makes it easy for students to collaborate and communicate on group or class projects - whether they are working independently from home or in class.more...
Work Smarter, NOT Harder with Google Classroom
You may be using Google Classroom to manage your class, students, and assignments but are you getting the most out of it?more...
Best Practice for Using Google Classroom Professionally and Intentionally
Educators who use Google Classroom as a learning management system will want to learn the best strategies and procedures to make the experience effective and valuable for students.more...
Introducing and Managing Google Classroom in Early Elementary
Even the youngest students can benefit from Google Classroom.more...

Reviews (44)

The webinar Work Smarter,Not Harder had a lot of good information.
Full Member
Great information! Learn a few new tricks to use with my google classroom, Thanks.
Full Member
good info!!
Lots of good information for upper grades
Thanks so much a lot of great information!!
Very helpful thanks
I enjoyed all the new ways to use google classroom. I feel like this is one of the greatest new ways in which to organize and have a successful classroom. Great instructions
I am so excited to know that this program is such a great way to understand and to learn for teaching. Thanks SimpleK12 for all your hard work.
What a wealth of information! I learned many new things in each module, but it was also great to hear the same things repeated in different modules to help me learn and remember.
Full Member
Great information for someone like me who is in the middle of converting my entire curriculum to Google Classroom and all Google Suite programs. It is really working in the distance learning format to get information out and to get assignments back from students. Thanks for the opportunity.
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