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SimpleK12 Implementation Resources

Resources that explain and highlight implementation ideas, strategies, and practices with SimpleK12.

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This toolkit contains resources that explain and highlight implementation strategies, suggestions, and practices with SimpleK12. It includes customer testimonials that explain their successes with SimpleK12 and discuss how their schools or districts implemented and used various SimpleK12 solutions.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Administrator Resources


  • SimpleK12 Implementation Resources
Our SimpleK12 Implementation Story: Anderson 5 School District, South Carolina
Watch How One District Overhauled Their PD Plan To Increase Teacher Effectiveness.more...
Our SimpleK12 Implementation Story: Foundation Academy, Florida
Our SimpleK12 Implementation Story: Foundation Academy, Florida During this webinar, Carol Grosshans, President of Education at Foundation Academy in Florida shares how her school implemented and uses a SimpleK12 solution.more...
Our SimpleK12 Implementation Story: Bay Area Christian School, Texas
This school shares their robust, multi-pronged approach to professional learning.more...

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