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Getting Started with Makerspaces: In STEAM Classes and Across Curriculum

Suggestions, tips, and activities for getting started with Makerspaces across curriculum.

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Makerspaces can be a great way to engage students and cultivate skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, design thinking, and empathy. These webinars will provide an explanation of what makerspaces are, why they are so beneficial to your students, and how to get started with them in your classroom or school. You will discover a wide variety of activities and example projects that you can employ across curriculum not just in math or science classes. In addition, you will learn how to tie these activities to standards, get started on a budget, and the types of supplies you might want to use. We will also cover how your school can develop a school-wide maker mentality across curriculum.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: STEAM, Tools for Student Projects


  • Getting Started with Makerspaces: In STEAM Classes and Across Curriculum
Getting Started With Makerspaces and STEAM
STEM, STEAM, and Makerspaces are hot topics in education these days, but many educators are unsure how to get started with them, or think they don't apply if they don't teach math or science.more...
I Made It: Creating Makerspaces on a Budget
One of the goals of a Makerspace is to connect concrete projects to the more abstract worlds of STEM.more...
MakerSpaces: Letting Genius Shine!
A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.more...
Using Makerspaces to Help Teach Empathy and Problem-Solving
Making is a hot topic in classrooms today as we work to transform our students from consumers to creators.more...
The Maker Movement: Developing a Maker Mentality across Curriculum
The Maker Movement has started to see the creation of Makerspaces in schools and libraries all across the country.more...

Reviews (15)

Full Member
Full Member
I have a makerspace in my special education middle school classroom. These classes on makerspaces have given me so many ideas and resources that I did not think of. Very helpful information.
Basic Member
It gave me a better understanding of Makerspaces and the benefits of using them with my students.
Basic Member
It was targeted mostly toward media specialists, but the resources, advice, and perspectives were fantastic and made up for that. I loved the idea that the making should not be graded but that the understanding achieved might be if in a class setting.
Excellent information and ideas... Thank you!
I loved the Makerspace ideas! Great resources!
Full Member
I loved this series! It was full of great resources for someone who is a beginner with Makerspaces.
This was a great beginning experience with Makerspaces.
Makerspaces are amazing- and gives a whole new life to materials we thought our kids outgrew.
Basic Member
Lots of wonderful ideas!
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