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Getting Started with Google Classroom

Strategies and tips for getting started and staying organized with Google Classroom.

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If your school or district has signed up for Google Classroom, these tips and strategies can help you get started setting up your class, managing assignments, and staying organized.


Subject: Google Basics
Categories: Google Basics


  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
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Reviews (10)

Full Member
I enjoyed G. CR: handling assignments, but sometime i get lost in the fast pace of switching from teacher view to students views
Full Member
Enjoyed the webinar. It was very informative.
Full Member
Excellent. Very informative.
Full Member
Full Member
Excellent series of webinars.
Basic Member
Basic Member
Basic information was very helpful. Thanks.
Full Member
I have been using Google apps for awhile but there's always little tricks you forget and the presenters do a great job showing you ghem
Full Member
Basic Member
This series was amazing!!! I will be using google classrooms for the first time and feel like I am a pro after viewing these webinars!!!
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