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Getting Started with Google Classroom

Strategies and tips for getting started and staying organized with Google Classroom.

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If your school or district has signed up for Google Classroom, these tips and strategies can help you get started setting up your class, managing assignments, and staying organized.


Subject: Google Basics
Categories: Google Basics


  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
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Reviews (28)

Helpful, but could be updated to newer versions on some of the videos.
These webinars were vey helpful. I am just getting started with Google, and the webinars were basic and allowed for understanding. I feel confident to move on to the next level.
Full Member
Thank you to all the presenters. I have learned so much and will be using many of the strategies and resources that were presented. I appreciate the ideas on how to handle the homework load.
All the information was great and useful. I can now use the shared documents and be comfortable about my docs not being deleted....thank you.
Full Member
Matt always does an excellent job of presenting. He keeps going and has more information than one can take in, during one sitting. I have already made a plan to watch this again, in my notes
Full Member
Full Member
These were very informative.
Excellent webinarlots of information provided!
I am currently in a Google school and I wanted to check out these great resources. Thank you!
This was very helpful and informative. Thank you!
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