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Getting Started with Google Classroom

Strategies and tips for getting started and staying organized with Google Classroom.

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If your school or district has signed up for Google Classroom, these tips and strategies can help you get started setting up your class, managing assignments, and staying organized.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Basics


  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
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Basic Member
Lovely review, thank you
Basic Member
Very informative, a great review for people who are familiar with Google.
Full Member
Wow... it is nice to refresh some background knowledge!! Thanks!
Basic Member
Thanks for all the information!
Basic Member
Great Info! Thanks
Vey informative. Feeling more confident to use all the google tools in my classroom.
Basic Member
I found Jerry's presentation to be one of the most detailed and well covered. I can not wait to put to use what I have learned.
Basic Member
This series was very organized and helpful.
Basic Member
This series of webinars was very informative. Although ours is a Google school I never really used the tools until this past March when we went totally remote. I didn't use any of the tools effectively. I so appreciate the knowledge that I've gained through these presentations. I'll be much more confident when school resumes in the fall.
Basic Member
This was very informative and useful.
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