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Google Toolkit: Tools for Admins

Google tools to help streamline Administrator tasks.

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As an administrator are you looking for ways to save time and money and be more productive? This toolkit contains several webinars devoted to Google tools that can help you and your teachers become more efficient. Discover ideas and tips for using G Suite (formerly Google Drive) to streamline tasks such as communicating with staff and parents, collecting student information, administering surveys, conducting paperless classroom observations, and more. Find out how to keep track of your busy schedule, invite others to meetings, and manage multiple calendars with Google Calendar.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Administrator Resources


  • Google Toolkit: Tools for Admins
Google Apps for Streamlining Tasks: An Administrator's Guide
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Admins: Stay on Track with Google Calendar!
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Full Member
Great set of webinars.
Full Member
Lots of information, thanks for sharing!
Full Member
Fantastic webinars. So much information!
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