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Classroom Management: Managing Grades, Paperwork, and Homework

Strategies, tips, and tools for managing and simplifying paperwork, data collection, and grading.

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Do you often feel as though you are buried under mounds of paperwork, data, and grading? These webinars cover strategies for reducing paperwork, simplifying grading, and collecting data so that your classroom runs smoother. Discover tips, tools, and strategies for time-saving grading and collecting work in a paperless classroom. You can also examine time-saving options for moving away from homework, while still promoting time-management and responsibility.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management, Organizational & Time-saving Tools


  • Classroom Management: Managing Grades, Paperwork, and Homework
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Full Member
Excellent information thank you
Presentation was highly informative, the Google Forms features of creating spreadsheets and data collection is top-notch.
Really enjoyed Kim Munoz's presentation on Flubaroo! Love that the program is highly integrated with each students performance level. The advanced features and digital stickers are a total plus!
Full Member
This was really informative and generated some great conversations.
A lot of useful tips and tricks. Thanks.
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Full Member
Interesting info
This is such helpful information. I will be able to apply this right away and in so many different applications. I'm very excited to write my user needs surveys now!
Full Member
Great presentations. I have seen them more than one time and but every time are more helpful.
Thank Yuo
Full Member
Thanks for the information.
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